5 Steps to a Healthier Building

Step 1: Consultation

A complete building investigation is performed by certified professionals to identify the sources of water intrusion and mold growth. After the investigation, recommendations for repairs and sampling are given, if needed. 

Step 2: Strategy

After a thorough evaluation, a detailed step-by-step course of action is developed specifically for your property. The cost we give in the proposal is guaranteed along with our remediation service. 

Step 3:  Preparation

Before treatment can begin, we prepare you and the property for the process. From client instructions to removal of compromised materials, you will know each step we are going to take and what you can expect from us.

Step 4: Treatment

TM-100 is the key to our success of mold remediation. Instead of charging you to set up extensive containment and daily fees for costly air scrubbing units, we believe you would rather have the entire structure, from attic to HVAC, cleaned and treated for mold. The entire process is usually completed in 2-3 days. 

Step 5: Verification

After completing the treatment program, samples are taken and analyzed by an independent, fully accredited laboratory. If the sample results are acceptable, then a certified lab report is issued for the property. If the results are unacceptable, we will remediate and sample again at no additional cost to you. This will continue until we get acceptable lab results.

Mold Assessment and Remediation

Typically, a complete remediation will take less than 3 days with minimal disruption to workflow. TM-100 has been proven to abate mold on porous surfaces so we can usually save your drywall, flooring, framing, furniture and clothing. After completing the 5 step process, a transferable Certificate of Warranty is issued for the treated property/area that is valid until the next moisture intrusion incident. 

If you have visible mold, a complete inspection is not necessary. What's important is to identify the moisture source and make sure it gets corrected. Our evaluations will do just that. After the moisture source is repaired by an independent qualified contractor, we can begin the Bio-Remediation process for a healthy home or building.